Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 Banner Guide

Zenless Zone Zero will feature multiple characters belonging to various factions in its 1.0 Update. The game will undergo two phases after launch, and each stage will feature three characters per banner. While we are getting a bunch of free pulls after the official release of ZZZ, many players are still wondering whether they should pull on the initial banners. Those who decide to use their pulls on the 1.0 characters still have a dilemma on who to use their tickets on. 

Should You Pull for Zoneless Zone Zero 1.0 Banners?

The short answer is Yes. While you can permanently save your free pulls for later banners and stick with the standard ones, using your summons on the 5-star characters will help you progress. These units are the strongest available in the current storylines and meta. Though they will eventually get power crept by future banners, they can serve their purpose in the current state of the game and help you get through most of the available content. 

You want to pull for at least one or two banners to land a strong unit that will carry you through ZZZ 1.0 and, potentially, 2.0 updates. Stronger characters will arrive later, but it will take a while to release these banners. If you are concerned with these things, you’ll have a long time to decide before a meta-change occurs.

If you don’t mind the meta, you should pull only if you like the character. There are several exciting units in the 1.0 banners, and some of their lore is quite interesting, too. If you like their gameplay and background story, use the free pulls on those characters.  

All Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 Banners (Exclusive and Stable)

Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 will feature exclusive banners for each phase. However, only one S-rank will be available per run, so you should consider who you will put your resources on in the game. Here are all the rate-up units for the coming 1.0 updates:

Phase 1 Banner

  • Ellen Joe (S-Rank): Ice DPS from the Victoria Housekeeping Faction
  • Anton Ivanov (A-Rank): Electric DPS from the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Soukaku (A-Rank): Ice Support from the Section 6 Faction

Phase 2 Banner

  • Zhu Yuan (S-Rank): Ether DPS from the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team Faction
  • Ben Bigger (A-Rank): Fire DPS from the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Nicole Demara (A-Rank): Ether Support from the Cunning Hares Faction

Stable Banner

  • Nekomiya Mana (S-Rank): Physical DPS from the Cunning Hares Faction
  • Von Lycaon (S-Rank): Ice Support from the Victoria Housekeeping Faction
  • Soldier 11 (S-Rank): Fire DPS from the Obol Squad Faction
  • Koleda Belobog (S-Rank): Fire DPS from Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Grace Howard (S-Rank): Electric DPS from Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Alexandrina Sebastiane (S-Rank): Electric Support from Victoria Housekeeping Faction
  • Anby Demara (A-Rank): Electric DPS from the Cunning Hares
  • Billy Kid (A-Rank): Physical DPS from the Cunning Hares
  • Corin Wickes (A-Rank): Physical DPS from Victoria Housekeeping Faction 

Note: You can still get the A-Ranks from the Exclusive Banners from Stable pulls.

Which Characters to Pull on Zenless Zone Zero 1.0

We encourage players to pull for characters that they feel like they enjoy. If you like their design, gameplay, or story, it’s worth trying to get them. However, if you are concerned about meta and power plays, then there are several things you should consider before pulling. Here are the ones you should look out for:

  • Characters You Have: One thing you should always consider is your current characters. MiHoYo games has a propensity to give importance to mono elements. Check which elements you have the most characters associated with, and then see if the current 5-star also belongs to that type. If the current exclusive unit has a similar kind with at least three people on your roster, it might be worth getting that 5-star. 
  • How Strong the Character is Alone: While we want to build comps that work well together, some units are already strong enough. These characters require little support from others, so they become even more vital when you add people who complement them very well. These characters are usually worth getting since they can carry your team solo through the available content. 

That said, we already know how to decide whether you should pull for Ellen Joe or Zhu Yuan. Our best tip would be to pull first on the Standard or Stable Banner and see which 4-star units you get. You are guaranteed to get an A-Rank character with every ten wishes, so you should be able to form a decent team with the free pulls we get. After this, here is what you should consider:

  • You should pull for Ellen Joe if you get many Ice characters.
  • If you get a Nicole, you should get Zhu Yuan. 

Another thing that you should consider is that there are very few Ether characters, which means Zhu Yuan won’t be replaced anytime soon. At the same time, Ellen Joe is famous among players because of her design and kit. Many plan on pulling for Zhu Yuan simply because there aren’t many Ether types in the banners. Because of this, this S-Rank character won’t have any competition as the top Ether DPS anytime soon, unlike Ellen Joe. However, we encourage players to pull for those they like in terms of design and gameplay because it will help them further enjoy and appreciate the game.

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