What to Expect From Dead by Daylight’s 8th Anniversary Stream

Dead by Daylight’s 8th anniversary is neatly here, which means plenty of news about what’s coming up. While there will be a focus on the next chapter, we could see more about the coming year. Here are our predictions about what to expect from Dead by Daylight’s 8th Anniversary Stream.

A New Chapter

This one’s a certainty. Dead by Daylight releases a new chapter every three months. With the next chapter due to drop in June, and the roadmap listing a PTB beginning on May 14, it’s clear that we’ll find out what’s coming next during the stream.

When it comes to any new chapter, there’s always plenty of speculation. In the past, anniversary chapters have had a mix of both original and licensed chapters. Five Nights at Freddy’s is often the subject of speculation, so that’s a possibility. Other predictions are pointing to Vecna or Dracula. A Friday the 13th chapter might be one of the most-wanted of them all. While the same lawsuit that killed Friday the 13th: The Game has previously prevented this from happening, the end of the lawsuit means it’s on the table.

Of course, it’s also possible that we’ll be getting an original chapter. Frank Stone, star of the upcoming spin-off, might be the perfect choice. In fact, it’s arguably it’s one we have more evidence for. Behaviour Interactive has historically had some fun hiding clues in anniversary posters. This time, fans have spotted part of Frank’s iconic mask on one of the skulls. Additionally, the game has had several teasers in the past week, which could suggest an imminent release date.

And speaking of Frank Stone…

The Casting of Frank Stone

Last year saw Behaviour Interactive announce The Casting of Frank Stone, a spin-off co-developed with interactive horror movie specialist Supermassive Games. However, details on the title are thin on the ground.

Over the past week, Behaviour Interactive has released a number of new teasers for The Casting of Frank Stone, consisting of news reports about a series of murders and a fire.

The Casting of Frank Stone cover
Image source: Behaviour Interactive

The original trailer, meanwhile, shows four survivors investigating what appears to be a mine, a forest, and a cinema. Perhaps Frank Stone is an actor who lost his mind or the star of a snuff film?

The official website points in a different direction, with a hidden object game hinting at a killer obsessed with cleansing the sinful.

PVE Spin-off

The PVE spin-off was announced at last year’s anniversary stream, but we haven’t heard anything else since then. We know that the title will see players explore new corners of the Entity’s realm. What their objectives will be is up in the air.

We do know that the game will have a strong focus on the themes of lust and power. It’s worth noting that plenty of people have tried using the Entity for their own gain. Among these is the Black Vale, a shadowy organization that has become a fixture of the series’ lore. Perhaps this game will see the group brought into the forefront, with players controlling its operatives as they explore.

New Modifiers

This year, Dead by Daylight has been incorporating limited-time modifiers into the game. These new game modes shake up the gameplay and impose new challenges on players.

We already know that the Chaos Shuffle mode will be coming on May 16, potentially randomizing perks, but what else could we see? Dead by Daylight Mobile has a few minigames to build on, such as Tag or following dance moves. Additionally, many fans have suggested a 2v8 mode.

Dead by Daylight: The Movie

The stream could see us receive news about the upcoming Dead by Daylight movie, with James Wan and Jason Blum attached. As two of the biggest names in the genre right now, we’re confident that the film is in good hands. In fact, James Wan is no stranger to the game, as one of his works, Saw, has already been incorporated into the game.

Of course, the issue with a film based on a property like Dead by Daylight is what to incorporate. There are a whopping 35 killers and 41 survivors, with more added every year. Even discounting licensed characters there are plenty to choose from. It’s likely the film will focus on the fan favorites, or introduce new characters to the realm, but perhaps the stream will give us some clarity. It’s also possible that the film will hone in on the original characters. What isn’t possible is for the film to include everyone in a core role, so expect plenty of cameos.

A New Celebrity Survivor

One of the biggest developments last year was the announcement of Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage as a survivor, being the first survivor plucked from the real world. This opens the door for more celebrities to make their way into the realms of the entity, but who?

There are plenty of famous faces who would be right at home in the Entity’s realm. Milla Jovovich has made millions acting in video game adaptations, so her inclusion would be fitting. YouTuber James A. Janisse, creator of Dead Meat, is also a possibility. The likes of Christina Ricci or Sarah Michelle Gellar may work, while the inclusion of Justin Long or Mia Goth would leverage their pedigree as horror icons. Behaviour could also take a comedic option and cast one of the cast members of What We Do in the Shadows, such as Harvey Guillen or Matt Berry, to bring some levity to the trials.

Of course, for a real wildcard, we could always consider someone from BTS. As strange as it sounds, The All-Kill chapter was developed in collaboration with their long-time songwriter Jordan Young, as well as former U-Kiss star Kevin Woo. As such, while it might come from left field, it’s not as strange an idea as it may seem, and could bring the game to the attention of new fans.

Licensed Cosmetics

Slowly but surely, we’ve seen established brands get in on the action. Historically, the likes of Attack on Titan, Slipknot, and Iron Maiden have all had licensed cosmetic bundles in Dead by Daylight, and the anniversary stream could be the perfect time to announce more.

So who could we expect? Some more rock and metal bands would be good choices, for one. Cosmetics also open the door to pay homage to some amazing IPs that for one reason or another haven’t made it into Dead by Daylight, or may never get the chance. Perhaps we could see some cosmetics based on the works of Junji Ito? The Spirit in particular would rock an Uzumaki-themed cosmetic.

A New Event

The Anniversary is a perfect time to hold an event. Past events have seen players earn new cosmetics through in-game actions, like collecting invitations or interacting with plants across the map. It’s likely that the 8th anniversary will follow in this tradition, giving us new ways to play the game and customize our characters.

As a bonus, the anniversary has traditionally seen the release of new offerings, including the likes of Terrormisu and Frightful Flan, which offer massive bonuses to in-game currency earnings, so expect a return of these items.

New Comics

Dead by Daylight recently branched into the world of comics with a prequel based on The Legion, a gang of four teenage misfits who were taken by the Entity. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of different characters who couldn’t star in their own comics.

Outside of showing us more about the killers, several survivors stand out as likely candidates. In particular, Haddie Kaur gained psychic powers after the death of her parents. She used these powers to investigate so-called Overlaps – areas where dimensions bled into each other – and fought the otherworldly monsters there, presenting a podcast based on her experience. If they wanted to take Dead by Daylight’s comic legacy to the next level, Haddie’s backstory would be an amazing choice.

If they want to take more of an episodic approach, they could dig deeper into the multiverse aspects of the lore. What about the universe where Haddie spent forty years searching for her truth, or learned about a plot to utilize Overlaps for nefarious purposes? What about the various Killers we learn about in passing but haven’t seen in the realms?

Other Games

This one may be unlikely, as we already have a slate of new titles on the way, but it’s worth pointing out that the first ever Dead by Daylight spin-off, Hooked on You, is a dating sim with a selection of Killers as the love interests, finally answering the question: What does the Trapper look like in a swimsuit? Whether anyone asked that question is irrelevant.

Hooked on You cover
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

It’s also possible that we could be getting more ambitious games – after all, we’re already getting an interactive movie and an actual movie. How about a game focusing on Haddie’s backstory? A sci-fi game inspired by the End Transmission chapter which slowly morphs from survival to survival horror?

Outside of this, we could see more, smaller releases. A sequel to Hooked on You, perhaps, or even just some DLC? A rhythm game where The Trickster tries to recruit backing dancers on pain of death? A cooking sim starring The Hag?

Want more out of Dead by Daylight? Here are the killers with the most tragic backstories of all. Interested in Hooked on You? Here’s how to romance every Killer in the game.

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