Roblox Mechanic Legends Codes | New Code (April 2024)

Updated: April 23, 2024

We found another code!

If you’re setting up a car shop, then you’ll need some starting capital. In Roblox terms, that translates to codes. We searched for you and collected them all in one place. So, without further ado, here are the Roblox Mechanic Legends codes.

All Roblox Mechanic Legends Codes List

Working Codes

  • NEWCODE: $10,000 (New)
  • FIXMONEY: Sets your money to $20,000! (spend all your money and then use it for maximum value; if you use it and you have more than $20K, you will lose money, can be used repeatedly if you want to cheat money; do that at your own risk)
  • VARJOY: $10,000
  • UPDATE: $10,000
  • LAUNCH: $10,000

Expired Codes

  • There are no expired codes.

How to Redeem Roblox Mechanic Legends Codes

Follow the instructions below to redeem Roblox Mechanic Legends codes:

  1. Open Mechanic Legends on Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter bird icon on the right.
  3. Type in your code in the text box.
  4. Click on Redeem to claim your loot.

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

If your Mechanic Legends codes aren’t working, chances are that you either made a spelling mistake or that the code is expired. Whatever may be the case, make sure to copy-paste the codes instead of typing them out, and at least you won’t have to worry about spelling errors.

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How Can You Get More Mechanic Legends Codes?

If you want to look for Roblox Mechanic Legends codes yourself, then you should check out the official Discord server. Despite what the in-game label says, you won’t be finding any codes on the Roblox group, and even the Discord might be a dead-end.

So, what you should do instead is bookmark this post. We get codes no matter how hard they are to find and make sure to update the list. That way, all the working codes will be just one click away from you.

Well, that is all we have on Roblox Mechanic Legends codes. If you want to check out more posts like this one, visit the Codes section of our website. We have lists for all the most popular titles where having those extra boosts can really come in clutch.

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