No Rest for the Wicked How to Repair Durability

No Rest for the Wicked features many powerful enemies and troublesome foes that can be encountered in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, with all these fights occurring nonstop, players will need to repair their items or walk around dangerous areas with their bare hands. This guide will help players learn how to fix their items before they are broken beyond repair. 

Durability System Explained

In many games, your item’s durability decreases with every use. In No Rest for the Wicked, however, your item’s status only decreases if you get hit. You won’t need to repair your weapons and armor if you get hit. The game encourages you to dodge or use shields, which don’t have durability. 

If you understand the game’s combat system well, you may go a long time without needing to recover durability. However, if your sets reach 0, they will become unusable, and you can use them once you repair them. Fortunately, No Rest for the Wicked items don’t get destroyed when their durability is depleted, so you can reuse them again once you have them repaired.

You might need more resources to repair your items permanently at the Blacksmith. Fortunately, we have several ways to recover durability, some of which you can do without using money. Here is every way you can repair your items:

Town Blacksmith Fillmore w/ Fee and Tutorial Method

The most obvious way to repair your items is to bring them to Fillmore in Town. The Blacksmith will offer to fix your weapons and armor for a fee, which will vary depending on how much durability needs to be recovered. Your payments will increasingly get more significant the more broken items you have. 

If you have excess items to sell, you won’t have a problem repairing your sets since you can always get gold from vendoring off surplus drops. However, you lose out on extracting runes from weapons, so you are torn between selling for gold and salvaging for runes.

However, you can ensure that you can permanently repair your items at the Blacksmith for 0 cost. Initially, Fillmore offers to fix your items for free during the tutorial stage. As soon as you kill the boss, Warrick, the Blacksmith, will move into town and offer his services for free. You can use the free repairs to create another realm without killing Warrick. You can repair your characters’ set without cost simply by moving back and forth between worlds. 

Repair Powders

Players can occasionally obtain Repair Powder from fighting and looting monsters. These consumables can repair your items for a fixed amount and are handy when far away from town. Unfortunately, these things can only be obtained as drops, and there is no consistent method of receiving them. Due to this, they are an unreliable way of maintaining your gear.

Repair Rune from Eleanor

Once Sacrament is available, you can buy Runes from Eleanor. Many people purchase combat runes or forego buying from her since they can get more from extracting them from items. However, players should get the Repair Rune from her if they struggle with durability.

The Repair Rune allows you to repair any equipment in your inventory using Focus. You can do this anywhere, so it becomes reliable for exploring. In addition, you can repair axes, pickaxes, and shovels with this, so you can continuously farm resources while returning to town.

Durability Won’t Be a Problem Later On

Most players only have a problem with durability during the early stages. As they progress, they will become better with the game’s combat system, which means they will become more adept at dodging and avoiding hits. Doing so will lessen their need to recover durability as gamers gravitate towards preventing gear damage. 

In addition, players will have more reliable farming resources and gold sources. Since they have money to spare, they can repair their gear via the Blacksmith. However, it’s always better to be better at combat so you won’t have to recover durability in the first place.

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