Nintendo Switch Sports is Getting a Free New Sport

Nintendo had plenty of announcements for its June Nintendo Direct, notably a new free DLC for Nintendo Switch Sports. Basketball is coming to the roster of sports playable with motion controls, and it’s available as a free download to those who have the game.

Basketball is Coming to Nintendo Switch Sports

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In time for the 2024 Summer Olympics, active Switch players can play basketball on Nintendo Switch Sports. You can keep the game fresh with a few different ways to play. You can face off in 2v2 matches against another duo or hone your skills with various training modes. These 2v2 matches can be played locally or online with an active subscription.

There will be a solo three-point challenge where you aim for as many baskets as possible within a set time. There’s also a Five-Streak Battle mode where you compete to get five baskets in a row while three other players shoot alongside you with the same goal.

You can dribble, pass, and shoot the basketball in Nintendo Switch Sports as your different mechanics using the JoyCon’s motion controls. As a defender, you can try blocking your opponent’s shots and stealing the ball mid-pass. If you get right up on the net you can dunk the ball for the extra style points.

Now that players know that new sports are an option, there might be more demand for even more games later. Whether this means that more consistent updates are coming to the game remains to be seen, it’s a good sign that the update is free to play.

Basketball is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports later this Summer, with no exact date given during the Nintendo Direct. Players can update the game for free when it rolls out, and the new sport should appear on the main menu with the rest of them.

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