Hades 2: All Bosses Guide

Each boss in Hades 2 is an obstacle that must be overcome to reach Chronos, the final boss. While you do get stronger after gathering resources and upgrading your stats, weapons, and Grasp, learning the movesets of Hades 2’s bosses will make your runs last far longer than finding the perfect Boon combinations.

Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads

Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads, will be your first boss who will test your readiness for the next few zones. One tip for this fight is that since the arena has trees scattered throughout the area, you can deal terrain damage to Hecate by destroying a tree when she’s right next to one.

She will start the fight with a ground AoE that expands and then retracts after reaching its maximum range. While Hecate does this, take the opportunity to hit her with ranged attacks or Omega attacks. The Witch’s Staff special attack is best for getting free damage.

One of Hecate’s main attacks is a ranged arc projectile, which she will do twice. After she does this attack, she will remain still for a few seconds, giving you enough time to deal some damage to her. Make sure to watch Hecate since she will wind up for this attack.

Hecate can create two illusionary clones that will copy the same spell she casts. Use a ranged attack to find the real boss, as hitting the clones will make them shimmer green like a hologram.

Once you reach nearly half of Hecate’s health bar, she will teleport to the middle of the arena and become invulnerable. In this stage, she will summon witch minions and will cast ground AoE blasts under you. You must kill all the witch minions in the arena to drop Hecate’s invulnerable state and continue the fight as normal.

Reaching this stage will add a new spell to Hecate’s moveset called Hex. She will cast a fast-moving homing orb, which will turn you into a sheep, preventing you from attacking and slowing you. You can dash right through the orb since Melinoe’s dash has i-frames.

Once she reaches below half health, she will cast multiple small arc projectiles that shoot out at a wide angle. These projectiles will return to her afterward, so try to keep your distance while she goes through this attack.

Scylla and the Sirens

Scylla is the boss of the Oceanus zone and will be accompanied by two other mini-bosses who will act as her band. One of them is a stationary drummer, while the other is a guitarist. Despite them being separate entities, they all share one health bar.

The drummer should be your first priority, as this enemy will launch AoEs on the ground, which will limit the space you can fight on. She will not move, so use her lack of mobility to your advantage.

The guitarist is your next target; she can stun you and knock you back with her water projectiles. She can also do a charge attack and an AoE that expands and retracts back to her.

Lastly, Scylla has a few dangerous moves in her kit. Her basic attack is a simple jab projected by a red light from her microphone. She will do a short-range scream that deals continuous damage. She also has a laser attack that rotates counter-clockwise. Lastly, she will launch a slow-tracking projectile that deals high damage.

Once all 3 band members are incapacitated, this starts Phase 2 of the fight. One band member will be chosen as the Featured member, which empowers them with new attack patterns. Once again, focus on the drummer first for more space. This time, defeating a band member will take them out of the arena for the rest of the fight.

Infernal Cerberus

Infernal Cerberus is a semi-stationary boss with plenty of AoE attacks to worry about. Cerberus will be the first boss to enact two or three attacks simultaneously, requiring you to stay on the move. Since Cerberus sometimes stops tracking you when doing specific attacks, you can use this opportunity to get behind him and wail at him with your melee attacks.

For his main moveset, many of these are projected by the red vines on the ground. Simply stay away from these markers to avoid getting hit. His most dangerous move is his double-fisted slams, which have a delayed blast that will catch anyone off guard. This attack is conveyed by Cerberus raising both his arms. For his most exploitable move, Cerberus will breathe out a line of fire that has a slow turn rate. You can use this attack to get a few free hits on him.

Not only that, but he will spit out three fireballs that travel very slowly but will explode in a large radius after a short duration. He will also spit out a barrage of tiny projectiles that will scatter around the arena. You can track where the projectiles will land by the shadows they cast on the ground. Once in a while, Cerberus will launch a wave of fire, which can be dashed through easily.

Once you bring his health down to half, Cerberus will go underground and summon armored minions to fight you. He will only emerge once all enemies are defeated. In this phase, Cerberus will add new patterns for his AoE attacks. One of his new attacks is making the outer arena explode, then making his immediate area explode after, both of which are marked by red auras on the ground.

Chronos, Titan of Time

The big bad of Hades 2, Chronos, will be the true test of your build and skills. This boss is no walk in the park, as not only does he have some devastating attacks, but he is constantly supported by minions, adding more to the chaos of the fight. He won’t even allow you to pause the game mid-fight since he can control time on a whim.

He has six attacks to worry about. The first is a short-range melee attack that slashes the ground. That slash will then explode after a few seconds. Second, he can throw his scythe like a boomerang, which will return to him. His third attack will make him spawn projectiles that orbit around him. His fourth attack will pull Melinoe towards him, which he will then follow up with a slash projectile. The fifth is a forward dash that leaves behind a trail that explodes. Lastly, Chronos will teleport to a random location in the arena, leaving behind a time bubble that will stop you in place if you are caught in it.

He will occasionally pull up a shield and summon minions to fight you. Like all the other bosses, you must defeat all of them to continue the fight.

Once you beat him, he will stand back up and initiate Phase 2, where you will fight in his own domain.

Chronos will introduce new attacks to his arsenal. He will start by making the whole arena explode, except for a small circle deemed as a safe space. Use your sprint to run toward the small, safe space, as standing outside of it will instantly kill you. In the meantime, you can hit him with your ranged Special attacks while standing in the safe zone to whittle down his health a bit. He can also summon a circular AoE that starts at the edge of the arena and then closes in on the center.

Chronos will unleash a barrage of time bubbles that will scatter around the arena.

Sometimes, glowing clock hands will appear on the arena, which will stun you if you touch them. As for projectiles, his clock ones will orbit around him and cascade outwards and return to him.

What makes this phase very difficult is that he will constantly use different attacks to pressure you. Keep calm, play more defensively, and you will eventually succeed in taking down Chronos.

The Cyclops Polyphemus

One of the first bosses you will fight once you unlock the surface levels, the one-eyed Cyclops is a slow and heavy hitter. While he has little in the way of mobility, he can deal heavy damage to you even with his more basic attacks.

First, Polyphemus can jump into another area, which will cause a small AoE quake wherever he lands. If you get too close, he will quickly slam the immediate area with his fists, also with an AoE effect. He can also grab a boulder from the ground, which he will then attempt to slam dunk on you, which will also send shockwaves in different directions. Lastly, if you are far away, Polyphemus will stomp with his foot, sending out an earthquake in an arc. 

Polyphemus has a grab attack, which he reveals by spreading his arms out. Be careful not to get caught by this, as he will immobilize you and deal constant damage while you are grappled. If he grabs any sheep in the arena, he will eat it to restore some health. While eating, he will stay in place,, giving you time to burst down his health before he can heal.

Eris, Strife Incarnate

She is the secret boss of the surface world and can be very lethal if you take your time with her. Her unique mechanic is that she will gain a 100% damage buff as her health goes down, making even her weakest attacks dangerous.

She will first try to shoot you regularly with her Adamant Rail. Sprint and dash around her to avoid this attack. She can also shoot her arrows in a shotgun pattern, making this deadly when you’re in melee range.

Eris will sometimes take to the air and bombard you with gas bombs, which will be projected by red circles with crosses on them.

Eris’ most dangerous attack is her missile barrage, which show up as large red danger markers on the ground. You can spam dash out of the zones to safely avoid them. She can also aim a high-tracking shot, which is marked by the purple arrow marker aiming at you. To avoid her tracking shot, duck behind one of the two pillars in the arena to block the projectiles. But be aware that these pillars are destructible, so take care not to hit them as the fight goes on.

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