FFXIV Dawntrail Mounts Guide | How to Get All New Mounts

Dawntrail’s launch brings tons of new mounts for our Warriors of Light to collect. Players will want to obtain these new rides to increase their cosmetics options. We have 13 new mounts available after Patch 7.0, and most of them can be collected through in-game interactions and activities. Here are all the new FFXIV Dawntrail mounts and how to get them:

FFXIV Dawntrail Mounts 

Air-wheeler A9

  • Description: This mount is a single rider flying motorcycle that converts lightning to wind energy, enabling it to levitate and move forward.
  • How to Obtain: You can buy this mount from the Air-Wheeler Dealer at Solution Nine for 7,500,000 Gil or via the Market Board.


  • Description: This fluffy animal is originally a temporary mount that you can use during “Mablu’s Dream,” but you can eventually get it down the road.
  • How to Obtain: You can obtain this mount by completing the “Dawntrail” MSQ.


  • Description: This mount is a replica of the Ark Eidolon in Final Fantasy IX, and it’s one of the best-looking rides in the game. Obtaining this mount is very worthwhile. 
  • How to Obtain: You can obtain this mount by redeeming a Dawntrail Collector’s Edition code.


  • Description: This cybernetic tortoise offers players a technologically advanced mount. It features a bulky frame with tons of cybernetic attachments. 
  • How to Obtain: After unlocking the Dawn Hunts, purchase this mount from the Dawn Hunt Vendor at Tuliyollal for 3,200 Sacks of Nuts.


  • Description: This cute mount is a tribute to the adorable Capybara in the real world. While they aren’t that big, collecting them can satisfy your cuteness cravings. 
  • How to Obtain: You can purchase this mount from Uah’shepya in Solution Nine for 12 Ttokrrone Scale, which you earn from doing Special Fates.

Mountain Zu

  • Description: This greenish, ill-tempered bird offers fast transport in the skies. It also brings a refreshing citrus aroma attributed to a specific beverage.
  • How to Obtain: You can only obtain this mount via the Mountain Dew promotion event.


  • Description: This giant-walking behemoth is a large, moving castle that makes you feel safe while riding it. 
  • How to Obtain: You can get this mount as a reward from PvP Series 6.


  • Description: The Outrunner’s cute appearance will entice you to collect it since it also offers fast land transportation on top of its adorable robotic expressions. 
  • How to Obtain: You can obtain this mount to complete the “A Life of Adventure VI” achievement, which you can get from completing the “Mastering War VI” and “Mastering Magic VI” achievements.


  • Description: Rroneeks are large, stout beasts similar to buffaloes. Their fearsome frame and horned head make them valiant mounts for charging into battle.
  • How to Obtain: You can purchase this mount from the Splendors Vendor in Solution Nine for 100 Rroneek Horn Tokens (which you can get from Scrip Exchange NPC for Orange Gathers’ Scrips).


  • Description: Its cute features don’t clearly establish whether it’s a possum or a squirrel, but it’s still adorable. Its fluffy, bushy tail on top of its big googly eyes makes it one of the cuter mounts in the game.
  • How to Obtain: You can purchase from Edelina in Mor Dhona 500 Turali Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers or via the Market Board.


  • Description: The draconic mount features a metallic-themed coloring with a long, pointed nose. This ride is an option if you want to instill fear in your enemies. 
  • How to Obtain: You can earn this mount after completing the “Dawnbright Hunter” achievement, which you can unlock after finishing the “Dawn of a New A Game III” and “Dawn of a New S Game III” achievements. 

Wings of Resolve

  • Description: The black Wings of Resolve features a blue aura and a long black tail. The wings are attached to your back but still count as a mount. 
  • How to Obtain: This mount is a chance drop from completing the Everkeep Trial (Extreme). 

Wings of Ruin

  • Description: The white Wings of Ruin offers a more straightforward design with a more slender frame. Its main highlight is the glowing blue orb on its back. 
  • How to Obtain: You can obtain this mount as a chance drop from completing the Woqor Lar Dor Trial (Extreme).

Are We Getting More Mounts in Dawntrail?

Aside from the ones on this list, we have yet to receive official confirmation of upcoming mounts. However, we may get additional rides as time goes on, especially when there are collaborations. Make sure to check FFXIV sites to keep yourself regularly updated. 

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