Dragon’s Dogma 2 Saint of the Slums Guide

Dragon’s Dogma 2 boasts a significantly larger map than its predecessor. Capcom takes pride in the game’s ability to bring seemingly simple side quests and turn them into a slice of in-depth storytelling. Saint of the Slums is one of the lengthier side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It sends you all over the map, and, worst of all, it periodically fails to provide a waypoint to follow.

The quest involves helping a sister at the Gracious Hand Abbey with her patients. Our guide will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to achieve the ending and get those rewards.

How to Start the DD2 Saint of the Slums Quest

The Saint of the Slums quest involves the Gracious Hand—a coven of nurses in the Slums area of Vernworth who care for the ill. Your job? To find out exactly what they’re up to. You must visit this location to start the quest, which is in the southeast part of Vernworth. It begins after you eavesdrop on a conversation between Vlasiy, a beastren whose son is being cared for by the charitable organization, and Elena, the head abbess.

After their conversation ends, you’ll have a dialogue with Elena, who discusses the shortage of resources in the organization and how it would benefit everyone if they were to get a restock of Miasmite. From there, offer your assistance to her and bring back three Miasmite. This is a rare material in Dragon’s Dogma 2, especially if you don’t venture out during nighttime.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Get Miasmite

If you tend to explore at night, you probably have more than enough Miasmite in your inventory to give to Elena. But if not, head out of Vernworth to find some ghosts. Miasmite only drops from specific enemies that are tricky to find, and these spectral beings drop them upon defeat. Your best bet to finding the resource is passing the time until nightfall and then embarking on your ghost-hunting adventure.

The surefire place to find Miasmite is northwest of Sacred Arborm, where the elf settlement is. The forest and roads along the way are chock full of ghosts. You likely won’t need to make the full journey before you have what you need. Also, note that not every phantom will drop Miasmite, so keep killing them until you have three. Once you do, go to Elena and give her the materials.

Exploring the Abbey Basement

After giving Elena the materials, she’ll give her thanks and offer to show you around the abbey. As you follow her, she’ll introduce you to one of her patients, Lubomir (Vlasiy’s son). Head outside after the tour to meet with another sister, Lottie. She tells you that she often hears odd noises from the abbey’s basement. Lottie goes further on to say that Elena gives patients a “special medicine” in the basement sickroom, and she’s afraid for them since moans and wails can be heard from down there. After hearing what she has to say, it’s time to head down into the basement sickroom to investigate.

Sister Elena keeps the place locked during the day, but you can sneak around at night. Go down the stairs and into the room on the right, then through the door at the back that’s usually locked. Inside, you’ll find Lawrence and Monika, who are delirious on their beds, followed by a storeroom hidden behind a curtain. Pass through the curtain, and you’ll find a bookcase and some shelves. Grab the Records of Treatment from the bookcase and the Unlabeled Medicine from the shelf, then return to Lubomir with the evidence.

Using the Evidence

Lubomir will advise you to speak with Bruno and Jehan, two of the patients mentioned in the Records of Treatment. They’ll be at Walter’s Tavern, a local watering hole north of the abbey. While Jehan doesn’t suspect anything, Bruno mentions that he witnessed Elena meeting with a suspicious man at night in the Common Quarter and exchanging packages.

After your talk with Bruno, the meeting place will be marked on your map. Head to the Common Quarter at night and sneak over to the meeting place. You can use a bench or bed to pass the time.

The Meeting

At this stage, you’re sure something is going on with Elena and the Gracious Hand. All that’s left is to piece all the information together to take action. A cutscene will automatically begin once you’re in the waypoint so you can listen to their conversation. In the scene, Elena gives a chap named Alois a package, to which he replies, “Lord Phaesus is like to be in your debt!”. Alois then hands the special medicine to Elena in return.

Testing the Unlabeled Medicine

Show the Unlabeled Medicine to Lubomir, and he’ll suggest seeking a doctor to identify its contents. The Checkpoint Rest Town is an excellent place to start since the quest will mark a home in the town. You can reach your destination by taking an oxcart from Vernworth’s west exit gate. Once you’ve arrived, look for a doctor named Radcliff. He should be in his house toward the back of the town. Give him the medicine, and then rest until morning so he can run the tests.

After the testing is finished, Radcliff will explain that the medicine is an addictive substance, and while it has the potential to cure illnesses, it’s more likely to kill the patient first. With that knowledge, it’s time to return to Vernworth to apprehend Elena.

Justice is Served

To finish the Saint of the Slums quest, you must apprehend Elena. All you need to do is head back to the abbey and grab Elena like you’d pick up on your pawns. This will trigger a cutscene as your character pounces on her before she’s taken away by the Vernworth guards, after which the screen will be cut to black. Upon completion, you’ll receive 11,000 gold and 1,600 XP for your efforts. You can choose to visit Elena in the goal in the future if you’d like, but be wary of the guards.

Saving Lubomir

But wait, what about Lubomir? He’s still sick, and Lottie’s sure he won’t get any better without medical intervention! Thankfully, you can try to save him after the quest is finished by speaking with Radcliff again. Ask him to treat Lubomir and the other sick patients, to which he’ll agree as long as you pay him 3,000 gold. This leaves you with 8,000 gold if you choose to save Lubomir. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive 10 Blighted Arrows as thanks.

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