Destiny 2 Players Share Their Hopes for Episode 1: Echoes

With the success of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape, players are pretty excited for the upcoming Episode 1: Echoes season. Rumors of new stories, challenges, and a hidden jungle moon have generated a ton of excitement and The Final Shape has set the bar quite high for future seasons and expansions.

There is a lot of talk about how important The Final Shape has been for the game, but with it behind us, most are now concerned about the future of Destiny 2. Many believe that the first episode for Echoes needs to be the best season Destiny 2 has ever had.

Most users suggested that even if the Final Shape is good, Echoes would have to do something unique to bring back and retain players for longer periods. A Reddit user said, “I truly believe that Echoes (the first announced episode) needs to be the best season Destiny 2 ever had”. He also adds, “If TFS is good/great and the episode is bad/average, I believe we’ll see a temporary surge of players for 1 or 2 months and a HUGE drop-off in the following months.

The number of players who will stay after The Final Shape will depend purely on how good the episodes and ritual playlists are. For Destiny 2 to keep players interested, Echoes has to live up to the expectations. Good ritual content will also be important to make Destiny 2 fun all year round rather than just during seasonal events.

On the other hand, some are worried about the long-term success of the game and Bungie if Echoes is just another weak season with a small story like many of the earlier seasons of expansions. A Reddit user says, “I do fear for the long-term success of the game (and Bungie as a company) if Echoes ends up just like most of the first “season” of the expansion, just a filler with a bad/small story.” So, let’s hope it is different this time and Bungie keeps improving the game beyond what The Final Shape has achieved.

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