Cult of the Lamb Twitch Integration Explained


Breaking down how Twitch integration can impact your playthrough of Cult of the Lamb!

Massive Monsters’ newest game, Cult of the Lamb, presents a unique concept as players assume the role of a resurrected lamb looking to appease a mysterious entity by building a massive cult. Leading up to the game’s release, Twitch announced a new extension will be added to the streaming platform specifically made for Cult of the Lamb to involve viewers in the cult-building festivities of their favorite streamers. Here’s what you need to know about the Cult of the Lamb’s Twitch Integration and how it works.

How Does Cult of the Lamb Twitch Integration Work? – Answered

In short, Cult of the Lamb’s Twitch Integration allows viewers to participate in their favorite streamers’ playthroughs in a variety of different methods.

As the streamer, the viewers can influence your playthrough through rewards or by causing trouble. Viewers can contribute Channel Points to a “Twitch” Totem that will then grant the streamer a random reward once the Totem has received enough Channel Points. Another area viewers can influence is through “Help or Hinder” events. Viewers can vote on whether they want to help or hinder the streamer, and then can vote on what specific outcome they’d like to see happen.

Finally, viewers can become members of a streamer’s cult. This method is done through a raffle system and, if chosen, a viewer can go through the process of creating a cult member, name said member after themselves, and run amok in the community.

In order to enable this extension, simply head on over to the Companion of the Lamb Twitch extension in your dashboard and enable the extension. As a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you’re given the option to enable Bits as a method to power up the Totem or giving followers the option to use Bits to unlock premium cosmetics.

That’s everything you need to know on how the Cult of the Lamb Twitch extension works. Aside from Twitch, Cult of the Lamb has seen received some hefty praise so be sure to check out our review as to what makes it so good. We also have plenty of content to aid your quest for cult building such as how to deal with dissenting followers, how to make coin fast or seven tips and tricks to help you start.

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