Best Weapons To Bring For The Final Shape

The Final Shape is upon us, and with it, new challenges and enemies like The Dread await in the Pale Heart of The Traveler. Since the expansion campaign will soon drop with Legendary difficulty, players will be thoroughly challenged in order to earn some of the best rewards. To this end, we will be listing the best weapons you should bring with you once The Final Shape is released.

Best Primary Weapons


Currently, Sunshot is one of the best primary Hand cannons in slot for add clear. Not only can it cause enemies to explode on kill, but it also deals Scorch, which synergizes well with Solar builds. Killing Scorched enemies grants melee energy, grenade energy, and Firesprites to fuel the ability loop of Solar builds.

Final Warning

This Strand Sidearm has a charge-up mechanic, where holding down the trigger and releasing it will unleash a burst of shots that deal increased crit damage. With the extra crit damage, the FInal Warning can easily dispatch orange-bar enemies if you land all headshots within the burst. On Strand surges, this weapon is quite lethal in the hands of an accurate Guardian.

Calus Mini Tool / Zaouli’s Bane

Both weapons are Legendary, meaning that using these frees up an Exotic slot for your Kinetic or Heavy slots. Both weapons have the best perk, Incandescent, which works much like Sunshot, as well as Unrelenting for Calus Mini Tool and Explosive Payload for Zaouli’s. The SMG drops from the Presage Exotic mission, while Zaouli’s Bane drops from the King’s Fall raid. Both weapons are craftable.

Graviton Lance

Bungie has stated that Pulse Rifles will be getting a buff in damage for this expansion, which means that Graviton Lance will become a sleeper hit in the PvE meta, thanks to its explosive, seeking projectiles that are created after getting a precision kill. Void subclasses can make good use of this weapon as some Echoes and Aspects require Void damage to be effective.

Outbreak Perfected

After the re-release of the Zero Hour Exotic mission, Outbreak Perfected returns with a Vengeance as it’s now craftable. The new Rewind Rounds perk allows this weapon to output some serious damage, with a full fireteam using Outbreak to one-phase bosses like Ir  Yût.

Wicked Implement

This Stasis Scout Rifle will be a great addition to any Stasis build, as Bungie has made changes to Stasis shards. Now, you can gain a stack of Frost Armot after picking up a shard, which will provide a small damage resistance bonus that can be stacked 5 times. Since Stasis will be an integral part of the Prismatic subclass and the added Legendary difficulty makes long-ranged fights an option, Wicked Implement will be a handy tool.

Wish Ender

This bow is the ultimate Anti-Barrier weapon that can deal high damage per shot. Even on Grandmaster Difficulty, this bow can easily kill red bar adds in one shot or two. Should the Legendary mode of The Final Shape’s campaign have Champions in them, this bow can make short work of even the toughest Barrier Champions.

Malfeasance (Hunters)

This hand cannon is one of the few Primary weapons in the game that can deal Heavy weapon damage, all thanks to the Hunter Exotic, Lucky Pants. Since Taken enemies will be present in this expansion, Malfeasance’s bonus damage against Taken will obliterate all types of Taken enemies in just a few easy shots. Hunter mains will continue to make good use of this Exotic, especially when they’re all out of Heavy ammo.

Best Special Weapons

The first Rocket Frame Sidearm in Destiny 2, it has a strong perk combo with Lead from Gold and Voltshot. Indebted Kindness can easily kill red-bar and orange-bar enemies while being extremely ammo efficient. While this weapon pairs perfectly with Arc builds, it performs well enough that any subclass can use this weapon with the same lethality.


A veritable miniboss killer, the Riptide Fusion Rifle can roll with the best perk combo of Auto Loading Holster and Chill Clip. With Chill Clip, you can slow, freeze, and shatter beefy targets all at the same time, making this weapon ideal for single-target damage. It is fairly easy to get as it only requires you to participate in PvP. You can focus Crucible Engrams to roll as many Riptides as you need.

Scatter Signal

An equally powerful alternative to the Riptide, Scatter SIgnal is a Strand Fusion Rifle with the god roll combo of Slice and Controlled Burst. Slice reduces enemy damage by 30% after casting your class ability, while Controlled Burst increases the damage of your next shot after hitting every shot in the burst. This can keep dangerous enemies weak while giving you a free damage buff just by landing all your shots, which makes the Scatter Signal a powerful weapon for single-target damage.

Conditional Finality

With Prismatic arriving in The Final Shape, why not double dip on both Solar and Stasis elements with your weapon too? The Conditional Finality shotgun fires Stasis on the first shot and Solar on the second, triggering both Freeze and Ignite at the same time. It can make short work of orange-bar enemies and even minibosses with the massive amount of elemental damage it can deal.


This weapon is a staple of many endgame loadouts, as not only can it spawn trap adds with its lingering AoE, but it can also inflict a hefty DoT on bosses. Do you need to lock down an area? Shoot at the spawn gates. Do you want to augment your boss damage rotation? Fire at the boss and switch to your Heavy.

The Supremacy

A powerful sniper rifle that can roll with Rewind Rounds and Kinetic Tremors, dealing high single-target damage while also doing decent AoE for any adds surrounding your target. Hitting your shots will straight up double your damage with the Kinetic Tremors perk activated. This sniper is dropped from The Last Wish raid and is craftable.


Iconic for its potent add clear, this Wave Frame grenade launcher can take out groups of enemies easily. The god roll for this weapon is Ambitious Assassin, which is for doubling your magazine, and Chain Reaction, which is for getting explosions on kill. Despite Chain Reaction getting a nerf, many players still use this weapon to clear rooms of weaker enemies. This weapon can be dropped from either the Vow of the Disciple raid or Onslaught.

Izanagi’s Burden

A pseudo-Heavy weapon, this sniper rifle is a solid addition to a boss damage-oriented loadout, as getting 4 Honed Edge stacks and shooting a weak spot will deal more 6-digit damage numbers. Minibosses will be one shot with a full stack of Honed Edge. Raiders swear by this weapon on boss DPS phases.

Best Heavy Weapons


Previously the best DPS weapon in Destiny 1, the Gjallarhorn is now a support weapon that will drastically increase the DPS of Legendary rocket launchers. With the Pack Hunter trait, other members of your fireteam will gain Wolfpack Rounds with their own rockets, making this a must-have for rocket-oriented DPS rotations.

Apex Predator

With the right roll of Reconstruction/Bait and Switch, you can deal some heavy damage with this combination. Reconstruction gives you extra rockets in your magazine,allowing you to fire up to three shots with the 30% damage buff from Bait and Switch. This is the absolute pinnacle of Legendary Rocket Launchers in the game. This weapon is craftable and drops from the Last Wish raid.

Edge Transit

Originally an infamous weapon for being so common in Forsake, the Brave variant of the Edge Transit may be the best Grenade Launcher if not the best DPS Heavy in the game. With the roll of Envious Assassin/Bait and Switch, the Edge Transit outputs massive damage with 15 shots in the magazine. If precision damage isn’t a requirement for a boss, this weapon is a mainstay for many raiders.

Whisper of the Worm

Whisper of the Worm is a classic Destiny 1 weapon that has returned with a vengeance, sporting the best precision DPS. In encounters like Warpriest and Oryx, Whisper of the Worm deals high damage per shot, with the magazine refilling after three precision hits. The Whispered Breathing catalyst buffs the damage just by staying zoomed in for 3 seconds, which persists after firing the weapon. Paired with a Divinity user, Whisper of the Worm is a powerful contender for the best DPS Heavy.

The Lament

This chainsword is a melee powerhouse with its fun combo system that adds more damage to your swings. While some Legendary swords can output more damage than The Lament, it’s still a  solid baseline for all swords since it deals good damage with the Light, Light, Heavy charge-up combo. In encounters like Crota and Atraks-1, The Lament puts in the work for bosses in close-quarters combat.


For encounters that require a lot of add clear, nothing works better than the Commemoration LMG. This weapon can roll with Reconstruction and Killing Tally, making it potent for spraying and preying on particularly tough adds. Since Killing Tally grants a damage buff that resets on reload, combining it with Reconstruction ensures that you maintain the damage buff for as long as possible. This weapon can be crafted and will drop from the Deep Stone Crypt raid,

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