All Soulmask Teleport Mysterious Portal Locations

Soulmask has a very expansive map, and traveling back and forth between biomes can be quite a hassle. However, it would help if you traveled often to gather resources and explore monster pits. Fortunately, we have multiple ways of getting around so that we don’t need to all the time. Teleporters are available for use, and we can use personal ones and pre-set Mysterious Portals for easy travel. 

Personal Teleporters and Mysterious Portals

Players can fast-travel to two nodes: Personal and Mysterious Portals. The former are player-created nodes that can be placed anywhere, but they will impose several travel restrictions. Meanwhile, the latter are fixed points scattered throughout the map, usually one in each biome. However, you will need certain materials to activate each of them. Each type has its pros and cons, but they don’t have any limited uses. 

Mystery Portal Locations

Mysterious Portals are fixed teleportation points that can be found throughout the map. You can currently use six of them—with at least one in each biome. It’s a good idea to unlock them immediately to make traveling between regions a cinch. Here are the locations of all the Mysterious Portals in Soulmask:

  • Portal #1: You can find the first portal between the lake and the estuary on the Rainforest hill. It should be one of the very first points that you unlock.
  • Portal #2: The second portal will be in the Wetlands along the biome’s coast. It will be on the left-most side of the beach south of the region. If you look at the map, it should be right next to the cove and near the estuary.
  • Portal #3: The third portal can be found in the Plateau biome west of the Rainforest. It’s relatively easy to find since it’s near the lake. You can find it to the left of the body of water and somewhere in the upper section of the biome.
  • Portal #4: The fourth portal is situated in the Volcano biome. You can find it southeast of the crater near the cliff. It’s close to the area connecting the biome to the Rainforest.
  • Portal #5: The fifth is in the Wastelands near the center of the biome. It is northeast of the nearest body of water connecting the desert and the Rainforest.
  • Portal #6: The last one is in the Snow Mountain. It will be in the easternmost part of the region. It’s close to the edge bordering the Wasteland, so you shouldn’t have any trouble looking for it.

Once you’ve unlocked them, you can use them at any time. You must be at one of the portals to use them and choose which one you will teleport to. However, you will need to grind certain materials before activating them.

How to Activate Mysterious Portals in Soulmask

You need three green crystals to activate one Mysterious Portal. You will need 18 of them in total to unlock all teleportation points. Farming items can be tedious, but if you want easier travel than it’s a must. These Green Crystals can be found inside chests in Ancient Ruins, Barbarian Fortresses, Ancient Ruins Dungeon, Large Ancient Ruins, and Holy Ruins. Temple Guardians have a 100% drop rate but can only beat if you have the right gear.

Mysterious Portals Advantages

Mysterious Portals definitely have their advantages over Personal ones. The biggest being that you can travel between two points with all your items and mounts without needing to empty your bag. These TP points can also be used to access hard-to-reach zones like the Snow Mountain and the Wastelands.

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